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Challenging Fun

One of a kind, Gatlin’s themed escape rooms feature props, lighting and sound effects. Solve puzzles, conquer challenges, while experiencing adrenaline pumping surprises around every corner. Work together in a 60-minute race against the clock to escape Gatlin’s live action escape games.

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World famous explorer Hathaway Wren made the discovery of a lifetime. Several weeks have passed since Wren’s groundbreaking transmission, and all attempts to contact him have proven futile. You must find your way through hidden doors and secret passageways into the Temple of Poseidon if you have any hope of finding Hathaway and locating the five Atlantean Power Crystals that will change the course of human existence, as we know it.

Join us to experience The Legend of Atlantis. Work together with your team to make your way into the Temple to align the power crystals. Book your reservation today for our escape room in Gatlinburg – we have limited availability! Frequently Asked Questions

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For years Paw and Maw had been runnin’ neck and jiggly neck with each other but Maw reckons she might could have a new secret recipe so good it’ll put hair on your chest and Paw outta’ business for good -and you can bet Paw ain’t havin’ none of neither! She’s fixin’ to hold a hootenanny tonight to celebrate the launch of her new brew, so there ain’t much tickin’ and a tockin’ left on the old time wheel for Paw to stop ‘er before it’s too late.

‘Cept ev’body round these here parts knows Paw, so he sure’n can’t just stumble into Maw’s shack himself. Even a blind toad that ain’t got but just three legs can see that’s where you come in. No one would ever suspect them fancy city folk is really Paw’s seventh cousins five times removed. It’s time to defend that family honor which’n no one quite understands and put Maw outta’ business fer good. Ya best be hurryin’ cause Maw will be back soon. Paw’s kin’ll give you the tools you’re gonna need to do the job. So what are y’all waitin’ for? Stop listenin’ to me and break into Maw’s shack and blow her ‘shine still to smithereens!  Frequently Asked Questions

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The Haunting of Hyde House

Abandoned by your tour guide, you’ll become trapped in Hyde House and discover you are not alone. Little Isabella haunts the mansion, playing games and leaving puzzles to lead you to her most cherished friend, her doll Emma. With your help, she may have hope at last! Can you reunite Isabella with her doll and free her troubled soul from an Earthly purgatory? Frequently Asked Questions

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Masters of Magic

Enter into the Realm of Illusions, a mystic venue known as the “other side of magic,” where truly powerful magic takes place. Only those possessing magical abilities are selected to partake in a special magician’s challenge. Those that succeed will become part of a select group — the Masters of Magic. This Escape Room can accommodate up to 8 players.

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