Located In:
Gatlinburg, TN
Adventure Description:

In the largest arena in the Gatlinburg area, prove you are a sharpshooter with a friendly game of laser tag. Our 3000 sq. ft. arena features sentry pods and home bases that fire back! We offer brand new, lighter vests and the latest phaser technology to help you shoot your way to the top of the leaderboard. We recommend this attraction for children over the age of 5 and at least 44 inches tall.


After you are outfitted and briefed, you will be led up into the laser tag arena, which occupies most of the second floor area of Gatlin’s. The arena is laid out like a maze, providing plenty of hiding places and “camping” spots for you and your teammates. The black lit atmosphere is filled with pumping music and swirling lights, creating an exhilarating setting. You are welcome to check out the arena with your child prior to playing to make the younger children comfortable with the arena prior to playing.

It’s you against everyone else as you move secretly through the maze. Score points when you hit another player’s targets, but be careful as you will lose points each time you are shot!

Team up into two, three, or four groups for some real competitive action. Take the offense and zap your opponents for the winning team score.

It’s group play with a twist! When you hit an opposing player, they become a part of your team! Game ends when all players are on the same team.

One or more vampires are waiting to zap you and turn you into vampire, too. Your mission is to slay the vampires before they turn everyone into vampires!

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