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Downtown Gatlinburg
Adventure Description:

If you're looking for adrenaline-inducing action, look no further! Gel Blaster Nexus combines the best elements of paintball, laser tag, and video games into thrilling, real-life battles! It's like playing a video game in real life!


The Nexus smart blasters shoot actual projectiles! Gellets® are small, water-based beads that burst on impact. They don't hurt like a paintball does, but have just enough bite to make the game exciting!

Compete as an individual or on a team in a variety of game modes. You can even create your own Nexus profile to level up your ranking and keep track of your score.

• High-Tech Gear
Use the Nexus Smart Blaster to switch between different blaster modes and deploy in-game power-ups like double damage and health boosts.

The Nexus Smart Vest provides haptic vibration when you get blasted, and the onboard AI communicates to you from two shoulder-mounted speakers.

Portal Smart Targets are placed throughout the arena - blast them to earn power-ups or to repawn after you've been eliminated.

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