Located In:
Gatlinburg, TN
Adventure Description:

Throughout pirate lore, there are tales of supernatural gem that could tame the stormiest of seas. Known as the Kraken’s Eye, this legendary jewel has been fought over by every pirate that sailed the oceans. Yet, owning the gem is fraught with peril. The Kraken’s Eye is said to be cursed. It yields unlimited power but eventually spells doom for whoever commands it.

Today, a quiet coastal community has been thrown into chaos, as a massive and brutal storm has descended over their town and thunderous weather threatens to wipe away the town. With no other options, the townsfolk decide to gamble on a myth – is the Kraken’s Eye buried within the wreckage of a nearby pirate ship? The Siren’s Fury – captained by the treasure-thirsty pirate Barnabas Blackheart – is a twisted maze of booby traps, puzzles and pirate challenges. The gem may be cursed, but Blackheart would not give it up so easily. None have dared enter the doomed vessel… until now.

In Curse of the Kraken’s Eye, your team will enter Captain Blackheart’s ship and come face-to-face with his devious devices. Through the prison room, cannon armory, and captain’s quarters, you will race against the clock to solve the captain’s tricks. Succeed, and you will earn the Kraken’s Eye and save your town. Fail, and you’ll become a permanent crewman aboard the Siren’s Fury.

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