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Mini Theme Park in the Middle of Downtown Gatlinburg

We’ve taken our daughter here on several occasions and the new renovations are incredible! So glad to see this little gem survived the fires! So many different things to participate in all in one location! The multiple activity pass is a great deal, especially if you’re on vacation. They give you over a week to complete the activities on your pass. This place would also be good for rainy day fun as well since a lot of their offerings are indoors. We played laser tag, miniature golf (indoor and outdoor), laser maze, atomic rush, and bumper cars. We haven’t played their new escape games yet, but we hear great things so we are excited to go back for a date night without the kiddo for that!


Trip Advisor

Nice Mini Golf Course

This course is in the heart of Gatlinburg and built on a large, steep hillside. Looks are deceiving and you really don’t notice the climb while on the course. There’s a few larger stair cases but most are small and the elevation change is not an issue. The course is laid out well and has some good mini golf challenges to it. There’s also other activities you can pair with the golf such as bumper cars, Lazer tag, arcade, etc. Decent prices for pairing activities. Great family fun!

Brett M.

Trip Advisor

Great Deals and Fun

They had the deal where you could get 6 activities for $17.99! We played blacklight golf and the regular mini golf! They were cool. The laser tag was lots of fun and so were the bumper cars even though they didn’t look like they would be! I felt like a kid again. They have a laser maze and out of the 17 and 18 year old I beat their scores! So much fun for the money! And we could come back any day for the next 10 days and didn’t have to do them all that day!

Amber W.

Trip Advisor

Best place to play in Gatlinburg! Friendly staff and prices are the best. We go every year.

Tina H.


We absolutely loved Gatlin’s!! The minigolf courses were both top notch and fun..Was very cool and comfortable in the shade..We also played blacklight golf, bumper cars, and Lazer tag..Great value for the money! Staff was friendly and helpful and bathroom was clean. The only thing I would say is there is a lot of climbing steps on both golf courses that might be difficult with really small children..But my 3 year old granddaughter loved it as much as we did! Will definitely be back again! Thanks for a great time.

Amy B.


Good family fun, we visit every year!

H. Sharp


We took our two kids ages 7 and 3 and played the easier outdoor mini golf and the indoor black light course. We all had a good time! Very fun!

Ashley M.

Trip Advisor

Go ahead and get the 6 activity buy. Well worth it. You can use it for ten days. We didn’t use 2 on each four tickets we bought. Gave it to an unsuspecting family the day we left, and I still say or something as worth it.

Kelli R.

Trip Advisor

This was our first experience with a game like this. We didn’t know what to expect going in and came out still talking about it two days later. Zach D. was awesome at explaining and helping throughout. We almost escaped needing about 1 additional minute! A definite thing to do with the family or friends.

Ryan S.

Trip Advisor

We did the Big Bertha moonshine escape game. So much fun – my husband and I were the only two who had signed up for the game but it was still a blast! HIGHLY recommend it! It was very light hearted and fun!

Angela C.

Trip Advisor

We played a round of mini golf and one game of laser tag. Loved the mini golf course, well kept and fun going into the little school rooms along the course where everyone has wrote their names/cities on the walls. Laser tag was also very fun, and lasted a good while. All the employees on Saturday night were very nice and made sure we were having a great time. We will definitely be back on our next trip to Gatlinburg.

Rachel C.

Trip Advisor

This a great place to take a break from the sun. It is cool inside and the kids had fun with laser tag and bumper cars.

Ginger E.

Trip Advisor

Good place to go for outdoors/indoor golfing also some laser tag, bumper cars, video arcade, and much much more! Seriously best place you can go to in Gatlinburg!!!

Nathan A.

Trip Advisor

Best deal in town for Do-It-All pass. We lost a pass and they were nice enough to replace it for us. Motion Movie is way more active than the others in town, Laser Tag great for whole family and all sizes, Bumper cars, Blacklight golf included. Girls loved the gem mining. We spent hours and still couldn’t do everything. You can take up to 10 days to use your activities, will definitely come back with the kids on future trips.

Christi J.

Trip Advisor

Being here during the week, and during the off-season, we were surprised to find this little gem open at night for mini golf! My husband and I love to challenge one another to a game during our vacations, and with the value of the Pick 2 pack, we were able to play 2 different courses! The courses are well kept, and fun for adults and kids alike. We had a wonderful time and will definitely return in the future.

Lindsey M.

Trip Advisor